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Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Sensor technology is often utilized in the production of packaging machinery such as Blister Packs and Vacuum Packaging, Cartoning, Conveyor Systems, Filling and Feeding Machines etc.

15203B 25203B 35203B Accelerometer
hese Measurement Specialties digital accel-erometers are complete, easy-to-use, user-configurable sensors containing one to three accelerometers, a tempera¬ture sensor, signal processor, RS-485 interface and three analog outputs in a small, easy-to-install package. No data acquisition system is required; data is streamed directly to a PC.

HTM2500 Humidity and Temperature Sensor
HTM2500 is a dedicated humidity and temperature transducer designed for OEM applications where a reliable and accurate measurement is needed. Direct interface with a micro-controller is made possible with the module’s humidity linear voltage output. Typical 1 to 4 Volt DC output for 0 to 100%RH at 5Vdc.

JC400 Multi-Axis Fingertip Joystick
Developed for use in applications where compact size and functionality are important, the JC400 with analogue output offers proportional fingertip control in up to three axes, while the JC400 with Digital Output option offers switched fingertip control with sequential detent feel.

MONI LOG Accessories
- Temperature, air humidity and pressure measurement in one sensor - Suitable for the data loggers MONILOG® EnDaL curve and MONILOG® ShockDisplay curve plus - Four designs, from stainless steel to plastic, clean room compatible version available - High precision and long-term stability - Integrated measurement electronics - Factory calibration including certificate - Compact, robust, customised special solutions
MONI LOG Data Link
GPS receiver and GSM / UMTS transmission unit for MONI LOG® transport data logger · Monitors sensitive transports in real-time, automatic data transmission · Receives accurate GPS location coordinates via satellite · Transmits measurement data, alarm and status messages by e-mail to the user · Integrated Quad Band EGSM / GPRS and Triple Band UMTS / HSPA + / radio module · Detailed map-based route tracking with Google Earth® · Web portal for online administration and evaluation · Integrated SIM card holder, highly sensitive antenna, own battery · multi-level password protection · powerful and license-free configuration software
MONI LOG EnDal curve
EnDaL curve is a highly versatile modifiable data logger that records mechanical shocks, temperatures and air humidity at the same time, over a long period of time. In addition, the time sequence for up to 20 acceleration peak values is stored. For customer-specific requirements, additional sensors for air pressure, stack pressure or inclination and up to 4 digital signals can be connected to the data logger. The EnDaL curve data logger also allows the connection of a special GPS receiver, which records the location coordinates for each event and the entire transport route. All recorded measurement data can be transferred to a PC via an RS-232 interface or a USBRS-232 adapter and analysed with an external program. A convenient software for programming and comprehensive evaluation of the measured data is included in the delivery.
MONI LOG EnDaL smart
The MONI LOG® EnDaL smart is a small, easy-to-use and versatile data logger. It monitors sensitive goods on long transport routes and in critical environments, such as transformers, generators, switchgear or fragile optics, medical or automotive components. The sensor technology of the data loggermeasures impact events, temperature, air humidity,air pressure and inclination. The measurement data can be exported to external programs (e.g., Microsoft Excel), displayed and evaluated clearly. All measured values can also be displayed as an immediate overview at a glance.
MONI LOG MicroShockDetector
Small Lightweight Shock Data Logger Registers the 200 largest shock events in the X, Y, Z direction · Saves up to 10 curve progressions of the largest shocks · Intelligent signal filtering and evaluation · Indicates limit value overruns with alarm LED · Continuous temperature recording · Intuitive operation, extremely long and independent operating time · Communication via USB · Easy configuration and evaluation with license-free PC software · Configurable recording time over start-stop time · Easy mounting with adhesive pad, screws or magnetic feet
MONI LOG ShockDisplay curve
- Extremely robust -Captures and saves the 100 largest mechanical shock events with signal progression - Measures direction, strength, time, duration, minimum and maximum of the effect - Inclination measurement on board - Easy operation, display, alarm function, long operating time, multi-level password protection - USB interface - Powerful analysis software
MONI LOG ShockDisplay curve Plus
- Extremely robust shock recorder - Registers all mechanical shock events and stores the 100 largest with signal progression - Measures direction, strength, time, duration, minimum and maximum of the effect - GPS receiver for precise positioning - Inclination measurement on board - Easy operation, display, alarm function, long operating time - Combi-sensor for temperature, air humidity and pressure - Tamper-proof, multi-level password protection - Powerful analysis software

AccuStar Electronic Clinometer
The AccuStar® Electronic Clinometer is an extremely accurate angle measurement device. Designed for easy integration, with a choice of analog, ratiometric, digital or serial models, the clinometer produces an output signal corresponding to direction and magnitude of angular displacement. Features a linear range of ±45°.
The LSOX Series Inclinometer is a rugged, high performance, single-axis tilt sensor designed for peak performance in extreme conditions. The fluid damped mechanism delivers superior noise rejection in high shock and vibration environments as well as excellent output stability. Units are available with a 6-pin connector, pin-terminals or flying leads. Available outputs include +/-5V, 0-5V and 4- 20mA. Custom input ranges, filters and temperature compensation are also available on request.

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