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  ED32i TTL Linear Encoder

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The ED32i is a linear incremental encoder based on the well established magnetoresistive sensor technology. The contactless magnetic measuring principle is used for precise incremental displacement measurement by utilizing a magnetized scale with alternating north and south poles. Air gaps up to 2mm are possible between scale and the read head. The encoder device is equipped with an internal sine / cosine interpolation unit that transforms the input signals directly into A/B-quadrature output signals. The special arrangement of the used AMR sensors allows a resolution in the area of a few micrometers in combination with high travel speeds. An integrated magnetic sensor detects magnetic reference marks. Optional adaptor plates solve special mounting needs for customer specific applications easily

* Precise contactless incremental measurement
* Accuracy: +/- 1 increment
* Resolution: =10┬Ám
* Differential 5V TTL A/B-quadrature output
* Lost scale/magnet recognition
* Programmable reference modus
* Programmable resolution (continously)
* Firmware update possible
* 2 status LEDs
* Customized adaptor-plate for easy assembly

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