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  FPS5851DLC4 Urea Quality Sensor

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The FPS5851DLC4 sensor directly and simultaneously measures all the critical parameters of aqueous urea solution. Relying on patented tuning fork technology, the measurements of both urea concentration and in line temperature enable users to determine if the quality of the employed reducing fluid will enable Selective Catalytic Reduction systems to achieve optimal performance. Real-time multi-parametric urea analysis allows high performance algorithms to provide direct feedback to urea feed control systems or ECMs to optimize emission control for NOx reduction. The FPS5851DLC4 is an important tool for meeting regulated OBD compliance to confirm urea presence and concentration, using Failure Mode Indicators. A universal digital CAN J1939 compliant protocol provides easy to connect interface to main control systems (i.e., ECM, SCR feed control, OBD bus). A standard 4 pin connector allows cost effective mounting options. The multiparametric sensor relies on simultaneous measurement of a fluid viscosity, density and dielectric constant to detect unauthorized fluids and allows the identification of both proper fluid and Diesel fuel.

* Proprietary corrosion and contaminant resistant wetted parts
* High reliability and long term stability
* Optimized for OEM specifications
* Rugged SST based construction for demanding environment (vibration, side-load)

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