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  KMA36 Universal Magnetic Encoder

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The KMA36 is a magnetic universal encoder for precise rotational or linear measurement. This system-on-chip combines a magneto resistive element along with analog to digital converter and signal processing in a standard small package. By using the well established Anisotropic Magneto Resistive technology, the KMA36 is able to determine contactless the magnetic angle of an external magnet over 360°, as well as the incremental position on a magnetic pole strip with 5 mm pole length. Due to its featured properties – sleep and low power mode, automatic wake-up over I2C – the KMA36 can be used in many battery applications. Position data can be transmitted using a PWM or two-wire (SDA, SCL) communication bus. Using the programmable parameters, the user can have access to a wide range of configuration to ensure the maximum of freedom and functionalities.

* Contactless Absolute 360° (180°) angle measurement
* Incremental mode
* Linear mode
* Standard I2C Interface (100 kHz)
* Programmable resolution up to 13 bit (0.04 degree)

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