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September 27, 2018
CNL Suppliers Day 2018

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  MS32 Switching Sensor

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The MS32 is a magnetic field sensor which is built in the form of a Wheatstone bridge. Each of its four resistors is made from Permalloy, a material that shows the anisotropic magneto resistance effect. An uni-directional magnetic field in the surface parallel to the chip (x-y plane) along the y-axis will deliver a field dependent output signal. A magnetic switching point, which is almost independent on temperature is typically set to Hs=1.85 kA/m. In addition, the characteristic curve is linear over a wide magnetic field range. Thus, the new MS32 simplifies the adaption of the sensor to different mechanical and magnetical environ-ments. The sensor die is packaged in a modern TDFN package.

• Sensor based on solid state magnetoresistance effect
• Unipolar signal output
• Linear field response
• High sensitivity, low hysteresis
• Temperature compensated switching point
• Low power consumption due to high bridge resistance
• Supply voltage up to 30 V allowed
• Small TDFN package

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