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September 27, 2018
CNL Suppliers Day 2018

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  SDT Series

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The 'S' in SDT Series stands for 'Shielded Sensor'. SDT1 piezo film sensors consist of a rectangular element of piezo film together with a molded plastic housing and 18" of coaxial cable. The film element, screen printed with silver ink, is folded over on itself, given a self-shielding of the transducer area. This is important in applications in high EMI environments. The SDT1 can be adhered to other surfaces using double sided adhesives, epoxy or cyanoacrylate (super-glue). Care should be taken if the sensor is to be removed, as the double-side adhesive can peel the metallization from the film. When adhered to a surface in this manner, the SDT1 is an excellent contact microphone or dynamic strain gage. The output from the SDT1 can input directly to an oscilloscope or a signal analyzer.

• Self-shielding of the transducer area
• Output from the SDT1 can input directly to an oscilloscope
• Output from the SDT1 can input directly to a signal analyzer

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