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  40kHz Digitizer Transmitter & Receiver

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Piezoelectric film (PVDF) ultrasound transmitter and receivers offer unique advantages for air ranging applications. Depending on the application, resonance frequency and vertical beam directivity of the transmitter and receiver can easily be customized by changing the diameter and length of the PVDF cylinder. The receiver has a very wide horizontal beam angle and it can be reduced by changing the housing design if necessary. PVDF transmitters and receivers also have very low resonance Q value of 5 and PVDF receivers have Q value of 4. This means that the rising time and the signal decay time are much faster than the conventional ceramic transmitters. This characteristic is suitable for high speed data acquisition or high speed digitizer applications. Cylindrical 40kHz PVDF transmitters exhibit omni-directional horizontal beam directivity and broad band characteristics. Cylindrical 40kHz PVDF receivers exhibit very wide horizontal beam directivity and broad band characteristics. These characteristics lend unique solutions in many applications such as two-dimensional positioning, digitizer, object detection, and distance measurement. A test board, consisting of snap-in mount holes and test pins, is available for easy evaluation of the 40kHz transmitters. A preamplifier is available for easy evaluation of the 40kHz receivers.

• Omni-directional horizontal beam directivity
• Broadband characteristics
• Low resonance "Q" values
• Excellent impact resistance
• Low cost
• Light weight

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