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September 18, 2018
Eastern Ontario Process & Automation Show

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  NDT1-220K Ultrasonic Transducer

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The NDT1-220K element offers outstanding ultrasonic transducer performance in a low-cost, flexible format for general-purpose use. 3 MHz nominal center frequency, with extremely low Q-factor of 1.3 (air-backed, into PMMA). Electrical impedance is well matched to conventional NDT instrumentation (pulsar/receivers). Unit-to-unit repeatability is very good. The transducer is robust, and conforms perfectly to cylindrical surfaces such as pipe or tank walls. Epoxies, transfer adhesives, or even double-coated tapes may be used as bonding agents.

* High Bandwidth, Low Q Performance
* Excellent Acoustic Match to Liquids, Polymers
* Low Electrical Impedance (30 to 100 ohms typ)
* Lightweight, Robust, Flexible Design
* Conforms to Flat or Curved Surfaces
* Low Cost, Disposable Transducers

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