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  15203B 25203B 35203B Accelerometer

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These Measurement Specialties digital accel-erometers are complete, easy-to-use, user-configurable sensors containing one to three accelerometers, a tempera¬ture sensor, signal processor, RS-485 interface and three analog outputs in a small, easy-to-install package. No data acquisition system is required; data is streamed directly to a PC. A connection kit is available to set up and begin testing immediately upon receipt of the sensor. The analog/digital output range and low-pass filter of each digital accelerometer axis can be set via a built-in RS-485 interface using a free, downloadable Instrument Configuration Utility (ICU). An RS-485 to RS-232 adapter is available. Calibrated, ranged and filtered data can be streamed out at up to 3 Mbit/ sec via RS-485. Analog output of up to three calibrated, ranged and filtered channels are provided for compatibility with existing systems.

• User Configurable Settings
• RS485 Serial and Analog Outputs
• High Accuracy and Linearity over Wide Temperature Range
• Built-in Calibration Data
• Built-in Power Supply Regulation
• Easy Installation
• Suitable for Harsh Environments
• DO-160 Version Available
• Three Year Warranty

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