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  MONI LOG Data Link

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The tracking module MONI LOG® data link
TM is a small, almost invisible electronic
goods companion for transports of all kinds around the world. By means of a permanent monitoring of the shipped goods, transport loads can be determined and possible damage can be reduced.

The data link TM transmission module is an autonomous stand-alone solution for shipment tracking, with the functions of tracking and tracing. The user will be informed by e-mail about the current position of his goods and the progress of the transport route already
covered. The device can also be combined with one or two transport data loggers of the MONI LOG® series, e.g. the ShockDisplay curve
or EnDaL curve. The system then reads the values of the connected logger in user-configurable intervals and, in addition to the route information, also transmits the complete measurement data records. The user thus knows at any time, where his sensitive goods are currently located, and at which transport loads they are exposed.

All measured values can be viewed, managed and evaluated via a web portal. The transmission of the data is either time-controlled or event-driven, e.g. if defined alarm values are exceeded. The direct, map-based link with Google Earth ® visualizes the route tracking
very clearly. In addition to the GPS coordinates, the relevant measured values of the connected data logger are also displayed
with an exact time stamp.

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