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  MSP100 MicroFused Pressure Transducer

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The MSP100 series pressure transducers from the Microfused™ line of MEAS, provides stainless steel media compatibility for the price of competing plastic sensors. This sensor has no silicone gel or polymeric media isolation methods to fail in contact with water or other harsh chemicals. The all metal diaphragm design is immune to pressure fluctuations and subsequent damage. The all-metal pressure enclosure has a small round plastic housing and is available with a cable and connector. Pressure connections are provided via an O-ring seal. Both compensated/calibrated and uncompensated versions are available. High volume port options are customer specific. The small size vs. performance and media compatibility are provided through solid-state Microfused™ technology.

• Single Piece Construction; No Welds, No O-Rings, No Oil
• 100% 316L Stainless Steel Isolation for Harsh Chemical Measurement
• Cable/Connector Versions Standard
• Contact Factory for PCB Mountable Versions
• Low Cost, High Volume
• Custom Seal Designs Available
• Drinking Water or Beverage Safe
• Calibrated 100mV Output
• Features Microfused™ Technology

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