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  Ares Pressure Sensor

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The ARES Series is a small, low cost pressure transducer which is able to measure pressures as low as 0 to 5 inches of water, 0 to 10 inches of water, 0 to 15 inches of water, and 0 to 1 psi. Sensitivity to extremely low pressures combined with the small physical size make this device ideally suited for applications such as HVAC, medical equipment, and flow monitoring. The GA100 series has a 4V span from 0.50V to 4.50V and the GA200 series has a 3.75V span from 0.25V to 4.00V. The plastic housing design for the ARES Series makes the device very user friendly. The housing is designed to be printed circuit board mountable, requiring no additional hardware. Built into the housing are self-locking pins which insure a secure fit between the housing and the PCB. The pressure ports are 3/16" barbed ports which mate with industry standard 1/8" or 3/16" ID tubing. These ports are mounted 90° to the printed circuit board to allow other boards to be located above the sensor. The ARES Series utilizes a unique sensor circuit design to provide ASIC digital error correction and signal amplification while maintaining an analog signal path. This technique delivers the high level of error correction associated with microprocessor-based circuits, while maintaining a typical bandwidth of >1 kHz generally found only in analog circuits. The result is a pressure sensor that offers the ultimate in low cost and high accuracy, while preserving the fast response and smooth output inherent to silicon sensors. The ASIC is a mixed signal CMOS sensor interface that uses differential switched capacitor architecture and was specifically designed to compensate for the errors associated with piezoresistive silicon sensors. This ASIC design reduces the external parts requirement for calibration, allowing a smaller overall PCB size while maintaining outstanding performance characteristics. Due to its small size, barbed pressure ports, and solder re-flow capability, the ARES pressure transducer is ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

• PCB Mounted Pressure Transducers
• Amplified Output
• Differential and Gage Pressure
• Temperature Compensated
• Very Low Pressure Ranges
• Small Size
• PCB Mountable
• Solder Reflow Capability
• Barbed Pressure Ports
• Dry/Dry Differential Transducer

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