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September 18, 2018
Eastern Ontario Process & Automation Show

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  ED-22 Magnetic Encoder

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The ED-22 Series magnetic potentiometer can be used to replace a conventional potentiometer. This product offers 270 degrees of electrical travel, integrated rotational stop system, 300 degrees of mechanical travel, utilizing a sleeve bearing and shaft fitted with an O-ring seal. This sensor is designed for rotary human machine input (HMI) applications. The non-contact magnetic sensor design utilized in the ED-22 is well suited for industrial applications where temperature extremes, high vibration and shock, and contamination are present. The ED-22 is designed using our standard modular and flexible construction methods. Measurement Specialties can customize housings, shafts, and terminations to meet your exact specifications with little or no tooling costs.

• Reliable and Consistent Rotational HMI Device
• Magnetic Sensing Technology
• Encapsulated Electronics/Sealed unit
• Harsh Environment Compatibility
• .5 to 4.5, .1 to 4.9 or 0 to 5 Vdc outputs
• Standard industry package size
• Consistent Rotational Torque
• Resistant to Contamination
• Highly Resistant to Vibration
• Metal Shaft and Bushing
• Wide Operational Temperature Range (–40ºC to 85ºC)
• Custom Housings, Shafts, Terminations Available
• Excellent Stability - No Mechanical Contacts to wear

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