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Magnetic Encoders
ED-17 Serial Output Magnetic Encoder
The ED-17 magnetic encoder is an absolute encoder with 9-bit resolution. The device can be easily mounted onto an existing shaft. The serial output provides absolute angular position information even when power is cycled.
ED-18 Magnetic Encoder
The ED-18 Series magnetic encoder can be used as either a rotational feedback sensor or as a human machine interface (HMI) device. As a light duty feedback sensor it can provide rotation speed, direction or positioning information. The analog output provides absolute angular position information even when power is cycled on and off. As an HMI device it can be used as a rotary input control for use on instrumentation panels.
ED-19 Magnetic Encoder
The ED-19 Series magnetic encoder is designed for medium duty feedback applications. Resolutions are available from 64 to 1024 counts per revolution. The magnetic technology used in the ED-19 series is plug-in compatible with existing encoder products, with the added advantages of an extended temperature range and fully sealed electronics. The ED-19 suffers no LED degradation, meaning it has a virtually unlimited life.
ED-20 Magnetic Encoder
The ED-20 Series magnetic encoder is designed for medium duty industrial feedback applications with ball bearing supported shaft. Resolutions are available from 200 to 1024 counts per revolution. This encoder series also features line drivers with active termination for long cable runs and reverse voltage protection. The ED-20 also offers the option of high voltage differential, low voltage differential or open collector (NPN) outputs.
ED-21 Magnetic Encoder
The ED-21 Series magnetic encoder is designed to replace traditional mechanical potentiometers. This product is offered with a ball bearing supported shaft. Five standard output ranges are available: 0.5 - 4.5v, 0 - 5v, 0 - 12v, 4 - 20mA and 0 - 20mA. The magnetic technology used in the ED-21 offers advantages over conventional electromechanical potentiometers with sealed electronics, extended temperature ranges, and virtually unlimited life.
ED-22 Magnetic Encoder
The ED-22 Series magnetic potentiometer can be used to replace a conventional potentiometer. This product offers 270 degrees of electrical travel, integrated rotational stop system, 300 degrees of mechanical travel, utilizing a sleeve bearing and shaft fitted with an O-ring seal. The non-contact magnetic sensor design utilized in the ED-22 is well suited for industrial applications with temperature extremes, high vibration and shock, and contamination.
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