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:: Linear Position Sensor

Supply/Output Mounting Sealing Size Application
The DC–EC AccuSens™ Series incorporates a unique monolithic chip combined with a computer-designed AC LVDT to achieve premium performance. The ratiometric design of the monolithic circuitry compensates for power supply deviations for continuously stable operation. Unaffected by input variations, the transducer provides highly accurate, repeatable measurement.
E-Series LVDT
The E Series of LVDTs is economical and satisfies numerous applications where LVDT performance and reliability are desired, but where budgets are limited. Linearity is 0.5% of full-range for all units except the E2000. The E series is particularly suitable for moderate operating temperatures.
HR-Series LVDT
The HR Series of LVDTs is highly reliability and is suitable for most general applications. The HR Series features a large core-to-bore clearance, high output voltage over a broad range of excitation frequencies, and a magnetic stainless steel case for electromagnetic and electrostatic shielding.
MHR Miniature LVDT
The MHR Series of LVDTs is ideal for applications where excessive core weight could influence the motion of sensitive mechanisms. The lightweight core also helps minimize stresses and preserves the structural integrity of the core actuation assembly. High sensitivity results from close electrical coupling between coil and core. A magnetic stainless steel housing provides electromagnetic and electrostatic shielding.
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